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OkNiederroedern vs.

Forum: Iman Family Dialog
From: steve iman
Date: Sunday, April 6, 2008, at 5:00 p.m.
Re: Note A lesson in History (Jack E. Moore)
Jack: Interesting note there on Berlin location. This is the same part of Northern Alsace that Eymans spent time at. In fact when Hans and Ulrich left Oberdiessback near 1671 they seem to have settled first at Niederroedern near Weissenburg/Wissembourg. I suspect there are records there that we've never really found. Most Eymans migrated north toward the Donnersburg area, though Felix's great grandfather (if I'm right) was Jacob <1725> who was born at Niederroedern and lived there until very near the 1749 date where he first migrated North for a year or two, then headed out for the new world on a ship full of Ammish and Mennonites. Other branches of the family who migrated later, toward the 1830s, had also settled in Alsacian communities.

As to where Germany began and ended, and language patterns of the communities, I've little good understanding. Those were years of many small wars, and all of these territories were being routinely plundered. These folks were past the period of 30 year wars where best conditions for new migrants who could manage farms had been provided. Mennonite visitors from Switzerland were quite critical of wayward tendencies of the local congregations, and thus a split was occasioned during the 1690s in the Alsacian congregation with the more discipline oriented followers of Jacob Ammans. While ancestors in Felix's line came out of Switzerland in rather destitute conditions, other Eymans migrated at a later point in time to the area, having sold their properties in an orderly way and become part of an Amish community in Alsace.


Notetroubling times by Jack E. Moore, 4/06/2008

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