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Forum: Iman Family Dialog
From: Staci R Iman
Date: Tuesday, July 29, 2008, at 2:12 p.m.
Re: None offering help (Jack E. Moore)
As a matter of fact, I almost did come to the reunion. We were going to be out of town and Rick probably wouldnot have accompanied me. the Imans are NOT social people, and that drives me nuts! Because mine are very much so. I actually started out of Snap and Lauretta Dillon family(if you live here, you may know of them).Grandpa Snap came from Colarado as a baby in a wagon train, they al most lost him bouncing out the back of the wagon, good thing a slow horse can stop faster than a car, or he would have been ran over!That sounds Very interesting to follow the trail with them through history! Then my parents are Lee's. My father was Ray Lee, He actually helped put the Interpetive Center together, and worked there as the superviser until he got killed in an accident 11 years ago.My other grand parents were Marie and Harold Lee, We originate from the Blackfoot tribe, My grandma marie was an indian princes of their tribe when she was quite young, so there's so much I'd like to learn about my own family!
Any I got sidetracted, I'm friends with Shane Beavens, and Jerry Beavens is a friend though my uncle Ken Samsel. Cameron and Jenifer Russle are my nextdoor neihbors and best friends,I noticed that you don't have their two little girls listed on your list of family. If you are interested in adding them to, they are, #1. Rylee Rena, #2. Carley Anne, Just if yu wanted to know.
I better get to house work, this is funner but....Duty calls!


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