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Forum: Iman Family Dialog
From: Jack E. Moore
Date: Sunday, August 10, 2008, at 6:38 p.m.
Re: None Valley from the Past (steve iman)
I went back and read the entire account. It made me think of home growing up in Stevenson on the Moore Homestead. Playing in Nelson Creek (and it's branch we called Moore Creek). I don't get back that way to often now with the rising cost of gas, but know when I do I feel recharged. One can step back from the rush of modern life and think of times of yesterday. Riding my bike up and down Moore road. Jumping in piles of Maple leaves along the road with my sister Mary. I think back to the day we hit a Yellow Jacket nest by mistake and we went running down the creek through black berry vines and ended up with not a scratch or sting. I look back fondly of building dams on the creeks with My sister Mary, brother Bob and brother-in-law Bob. I recall one dam we made so well it scared my dad that some of the kids or cousins might drown in it so he made Bob fall trees across the pool until the winter rains washed it out. I have been all over the back country of Skamania county with my dad, uncles, brother and others and love how virutually unchanged most of it is. I recall last year going up back of Carson to the Government Mineral Springs Area (Iron Mike) and my little Jasmine finding a maple leaf that must of been 12" across. I love the area and it's beauty it is easy to see why Felix Iman and Loius (Iman) Eyman were attracted to this area. There are still places where you can find old growth timber that is so huge it is hard to describe.


Nonere-house/office at Goverment Mineral Springs. by Virginia Brown, 8/12/2008

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