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Nonere-guard house/office at Minera Springs

Forum: Iman Family Dialog
From: Virginia Brown
Date: Tuesday, August 12, 2008, at 7:34 a.m.
Guess my first attempt is out in Cyber space some where.
Hi Cuz Jack and Steve
  I think you know that our family has went to the area of Iron Mike and the guard station for many years during the Moore/Bevans reunion. Dad worked for the then called Columbia National Forest as a guard. When they built that building we were the first family to live in it. I have fond memories of living in that station. When I was 6 years old and had to go to school Dad moved on to another job.
  In the mid 70's I had the desire to go there with my Dad. They were just getting ready to close it up for the winter. They just used the office. Since they were there I asked them if I could go thru the building. You don't usually get to go back to your past and find it unchanged but, I did since it was a goverment building and had a certain look to maintain. The fire place are stone and done by a master of the trade. It was a wonderful moment to see as it affirmed in my mind that most of my memories were really accurate.
   While Dad was alive in his 90's ,we went to visit again as they were getting ready to tear out the floor that had dry rot and it was in need of repair. My Dad, brothers and brother-in-law worked on repairing it on down the road and we were invited to the redeication of the building. One of the guests was dressed as Eleanor Roosevelt would of been and gave the history of the CCC's who built it and also the play equipment next door which I remember getting a splinter on the teeter totter. It was quite a ceremony and of course we got to tour the building.
   Later in the summer we came back and spent the weekend there. It brought back so many memories for all of us that had experienced it. We played Chicken Foot, a domino game with same gas lighting that we used when we lived there. Its a bit dim compared to the modern stuff. We also had kerosene and gas lamps to see by years ago. Later my sister Mary and I slept in the same bedroom we slept in almost 70 years ago. When I woke up I saw the sun shining thru the trees that are much taller then they used to be. The forest still had the same sounds and smells as it did when I was little.
 My little sister and I took the trail over to Iron Mike. The water tastes the same as it always did. You will never forget that taste. We made pancakes with it like visitors usually do and Kool-Ade with the carbonated water. I have a picture of me at about 3 yrs by the sign for Iron Mike. Of course you have to check out all the wild flowers in the area and see where the hotel burned down. That park used to be the state of the art at its hey day. The roads are narrow to accommodate the smaller vehicles of the past.
  I heard many stores of the forest fires from my Dad.Grandpa Leo Moore who handled the pack mules to move supplies where needed as well as my uncles.
  Hope you enjoy these memories Jack as well since that was our shared Grandpa. Virginia


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