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NoneWish I could help..

Forum: Iman Family Dialog
From: steve iman
Date: Sunday, September 7, 2008, at 2:21 p.m.
Re: None Audio tape of Flora Iman Foster. Where is it? (James Windsor)


Thanks so very much for your comments, and for your helpful notes on Theodore and the family situation. I've done so little to clarify the information you shared in such depth so long ago about the Imans of the Northwest. It's been fun to be along the hazier path leading up to all of that, and branching out to some understanding of the Eymans more broadly. Trying to generate a sense of place for understanding Felix's dad in the French territories, and getting some handles on those mountain and Shenandoah Imans/Eymans has been fascinating. There's so little data, but I do think we're coming to an understanding of Felix's great grandfather as well, and the community of Paxtang

On the matter of a recording, I don't have a copy that I know of, though in tracking old email I think that Virginia should. (I'll keep my eyes out though, since my filing system is totally hopeless;-) In fact there may be several older recordings, and I'm not sure who was involved. I received email in 2005 about a project that Trish Sullivan was involved in. Her mother had worked for Decca Records and did some oral biography. Virginia's dad had an original record, though she was talking about getting a copy of a Cd from Trish Ginther at 16334 S. Bradley, Oregon City, Or. 97045.

What a sad note that Marry Anna/Emma may have died in an isolated logging camp; how realistic the possibility. I've just finished an incredible read; and old book by then name of "The Forest" by Conrad Richter, who succeeds so well in recounting the often bleak daily life experiences of first settlers to Ohio. He captures so well the dread of living in the dark, before there were openings in those forests, the isolation of living at such a distance from others, the incredible chores of daily life with essentially nothing at hand. Richter in the 1920's lived on the land of Felix's great grandfather, and uses it as a centering place for his descriptions of what life was really like on the expanding frontier.


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