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OkSolved a problem

Forum: Iman Family Dialog
From: Jack E. Moore
Date: Monday, November 3, 2008, at 12:36 a.m.
I had shown that Fernon Fenner Foster was married to an Anna G. or I. Kirchner, but looking at some data I had on Caleb John Moore and Julia E. Foster I saw on a census that they had a nephew George F. Foster living with them. It had month and year of his birth and digging more found the Washington Territory Census for F. F. Foster and Anna the age of them didn't ad up to be Fernon Fenner or Fenner Felix Foster the only one left was Fremont F. Foster (I believe he was also known as Monta or Monte)this also gave me siblings of George an F.W., W. F. and 2 more I can't make out the initials either a N.W. or N.N. or W. W. or W. N. an an W/N. S. no names were given. unfortunately several of these Census have conflicting data and ages of Fremont and Anna still are not cut in stone.

I also got lucky recently and found the land records for my 3rd great grandfather Francis Moore in Danville, Iowa, and the cemetery with pictures of 2 of my 2nd great grandfathers brother's (John Ward Moore & William R. Moore)headstones and headstones for their spouses. Unfortunately the cemetery where I think other family members are buried doesn't have any listings of burials. I also found 8 new cousins from this same line. Somedays you get really lucky. Steve do you know any good places to look for cemetery listings? I have a couple but no luck so far trying to find a listing of Long Creek Methodist Cemetery, Danville, Iowa.

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