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Forum: Iman Family Dialog
From: Jack E. Moore
Date: Wednesday, December 3, 2008, at 1:15 a.m.
Re: Ok Thanks Jack! (steve iman)
Steve this is what I have found so far. I was looking for info on T. C. Iman as I am still not convinced that Mary Anna Kirchner is Emma Rosier as Jim Windsor states. (there is no indication that Mary Anna ever went by Emma, the one indication that showed her as Marie was a misread of the census record mistaking the Y as an IE)I had mentioned before that my aunt's believed Emma Rosier was Emma Kyler. Although I didn't find anything conclusive on that I did find info I didn't have on T.C;s children. I didn't see any mention on here in gedcom or your info about Rosalie Iman, but she was on 1920 and 1930 census for Jerry And Verena. I also found some new post on this line on under Eyman or Eymann tree I think it was from a Terry Iman/Eyman/Eymann if memory hasn't failed me. Not sure what is was about the Iman clan almost all of the men went by nicknames and many times records for them are under this name rather than birth name.

1920 Census for Emery Pct, (I need to get second page for Jerry, Jr. & Jean/Jeanna)Lewis, WA.

Iman, Jerry age 40 Lumber Piler in Lumber Mill
Verena E. age 35
Rosalie age 10
Raymond S. age 8

1930 Census for Seattle, King, WA.

Iman Jerry age 50 Steel Worker in Steel Mill
Verena age 45
Rosalie age 20 working as a maid
Raymond age 19 working at Steel Mill w/father
Jerry Jr. age 17
Jean age 14

Outline Descendant Report for Jeremiah Iman
..... 1 Jeremiah "Jerry" Iman (1880 - 1967) B: 19 Aug 1880 in Stevenson, Skamania,Washington, USA, D: 07
Sep 1967 in Seattle, King, Washington, USA
..... + Verena E. Card (1884 - 1969) B: 04 Nov 1884 in North Dakota, USA, D: 08 Aug 1969 in Los
Angeles, Los Angeles, California, USA
........... 2 Rosalie E. Iman (1910 - ) B: 1910 in Oregon, USA
........... 2 Raymond Stephan Iman (1911 - 1968) B: 27 May 1911 in Portland, Multnomah, Oregon,
USA, M: 30 Jun 1939, D: Jun 1968
........... + Carlotta Esther Cook M: 30 Jun 1939
................. 3 Stephen Charles Iman (1940 - ) B: 1940 in Seattle, King, Washington, USA
................. 3 Jay Douglas Iman (1942 - ) B: 1942 in Seattle, King, Washington, USA
........... 2 Jerry Grant Iman (1913 - 1995) B: 19 Feb 1913 in Oregon, USA, D: 28 Feb 1995 (also shown as 15 Feb 1995)in Riverside,California
........... 2 Jean J. Iman (also shown as Jeanna)(1915 - 1941) B: 1915 in Oregon, D: 05 Jul 1941 in Pacific, Washington
........... 2 Kay Iman (1915 - ) B: 1915

I do remember seeing something about occupation for Jean as Pianist although the person who submitted the tree misspelled it.


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