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Forum: Iman Family Dialog
From: James Windsor
Date: Sunday, December 21, 2008, at 9:59 p.m.
Re: None More info (Jack E. Moore)
I see where you got Emma Rosier from..... she is listed in my history in the Skamania Co. Imans part of this website.

That genealogy of Felix Grundy Iman and family was written by men many years ago before I had done specialized research.

Where did that info on Emma Rosier come from? Back in the 1990's I visited Stevenson Washington for the first time with your Aunt Ruth (Foster) Shawcross to whatever her name is now. She and I went together to the Iman Cemetery and seeing the gravestone of Carl Rosier I asked her, who is that. She said, that was the son of Theodore's third wife Emma Rosier.

So I added that info to what history I had written on the Felix and family up to that time.

But I have since found out there was no Emma Rosier and that Ruth had the Emma part of Emma Rosier confused with Emma Kyler. I believe the marriage record of Theodore and Mary Anna lists her maiden name as Roser and I think Ruth remembered hearing the name as Rosier and so told me that. I don't think Ruth knew about Mary Anna Kirchner although Ruth did tell me that Theodore was married three times, although I believe there were really only two marriages for him, that is to Emma and then to Mary Anna.

So that's the end of that.


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