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NoneGood Question - Let's Stay on the Hunt!

Forum: Iman Family Dialog
From: steve iman
Date: Sunday, January 11, 2009, at 7:02 p.m.
Re: None How do we keep younger ones interested? (Jack E. Moore)
Thanks Jack. I wonder too at times about interest and note how things change with the times and our ages -- though with some more than 15 years on yours, it seems to me you're a kid!;-)

I know what you're saying though, and I've seen lots of disappointment. Emmert Bittinger became one of my favorite people. He worked so hard on all of those people in Felix's grandfather's neighborhood. His book was so very special, and it's a huge treasure trove from many who wake up to the questions. Since so many of these folks were involved in early Brethren history, there was long a bit of discussion on a church history related listserve. Nearly every week there were families to sort out and history to go over.

The list was very popular because there was such hunger for Emmert's book, and the book has been out of print and without prospects of a new issue for years. I keep open requests for it at used book bins for gifts for new friends, and have found very very few. Finally, several years ago, Emmert, knowing of my distress, was willing to sell books that he had reserved on the odd chance that his kids might begin to take some kind of interest in the work. Emmert had spent a life on this stuff, and really the father before him had initiated the work. How sad it was for me to get a copy of the book which should have gone to an involved son. Sometimes things don't work out, and he dreams of old men are rarely those of a new generation.

I also can't believe the considerable drop off in interest in genealogy as a whole, or so it seems. There used to be periodic posts on Iman and Eyman forums, and yet these seem to have come to a screeching halt and been absent for a year or two. There have been occasional new members of the family finding the site and saying hello in one way or another, though it's not like it used to be. Perhaps when we get America rebooted again and get back on our feet, there will return an interest in our roots. Let's hope so.


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