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NoneIsland Names

Forum: Iman Family Dialog
From: steve iman
Date: Saturday, February 21, 2009, at 7:09 p.m.
Re: Question Lower Memaloose Island (Jack E. Moore)
Laurie is under the impression that George is pointing to a different island of the same name I think. Let me quote a recent email:
I'm delighted to be in touch and really appreciate that you've put out the call for Sullivan's Island info to the Iman family. I've copied the relevant George Iman passage below.  It's a little surprising that he refers to the island as Sullivan's and as lower memaloose island. There's another island known as Lower Memaloose Island up by the Dalles (below Upper Memaloose Island, not surprisingly) but all of these burial islands were memaloose islands--or island where the dead were placed.  

265 - On one of the small islands, known as the Sullivan Islands, also called "lower Memaloose Island," was once a burying ground from the Indians.  Their mode of putting away the dead was to take them out on the Island and put them in what was known as "dead houses."  I well remember just how this dead house looked as I have visited this island many times.  A hole dug in the ground, 4 or 5 feet deep and the size on the ground they wished it to be.  They then put some pieces on the ground around the top of the basement, afterwards building a house with walls and roof.  They would take the "Memalooosed" party down in the basement and put it next to the wall; then stacked them as they died, one on top of the other, till the house was filled.  The boxed used for burial were of most any length; it mattered not what the size of the person might be.  The boxes were covered with most any kind of calico so long as it had red in the color.  All of their belongings were put in with them.


Noneisland by Jack E. Moore, 2/21/2009

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