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OkI am an Iman

Forum: Iman Family Dialog
From: steve iman
Date: Wednesday, March 4, 2009, at 4:48 p.m.
Re: Question I am an Iman (Robert Iman)
Great to hear from you Robert. You sure are an Iman, and I'd really like to know more about that "us". Let's work at it, and please share all the information you'd ve willing to either on the board, or to/with your cousin Steve here in California.. but from Washington State to start with;-)

Given the names that would be easiest to link.. Bosley and Mullen, I'm afraid I don't have anything in the local database. It's helpful though that you know that your Ohio folks came from West Virgina. What concerns me though is that there might be several migrations and back-flows we'll need to think about. There are William Imans on record coming down the Missouri line from Daniel and Barbara Alkire, and there are more direct West Virginia connection as well. I know, for instance, of a William Henry, born Juloy of 1866, who married a Jenny D. Wood and had a William O (1893), and a son Jesse, though I have no idea where these folks lived. As I understand it, William O. died in 1961. He was the grandson of John Emanuel Iman Sr (1839-1932) and a Lisabeth Milam. John, likely born in Kanawa of West Virginia, and dying in Advent, of Jackson County of West Virgina. His wife Lisabeth though seems to have migrated to Kansas as some time before her death in 1872. There is a branch or two of Imans who migrated to Kansas and came back. The Jacob I'm referring to here, born 1817, was, we believe, a son of Emanuel Iman (1795-1885) and Barbara sites, who long lived in the Hardy County area near Petersburg. Emanuel seems to have been a son of Christian Iman and Caty.. who arrived on the South Branch near 1786.

The problem is that there are more than a couple of Williams in the confusing West Virginia line. A William Joseph Iman was born 1857 in Kanawha, son of William Iman 1821-1883) and Lucinda Malcolm. He'd married an Elsie Carnickle it's thought. This william was a son of Emanuel and Barbara, and a brother of the Jacob I referred to above. The Christian and Caty mentioned above seem to have had other children, but all seemed to have migrated to Illinois or Missouri, with the exception of the Emanuel noted, and a Jacob. What we know of Jacob's lines shows no named "William", and so maybe we're in the ballpark?

I think this is where you fit, but let's see if we can't tie things down. Any data about dates, or estimated ages would help.. and going through social security or other records, even tax reports and records could be helpful. If I knew the names of cities or towns from Ohio or any on back, though would probably be helpful. There may be others who we can contact with better information about this line since you've got lots of relatives coming out of West Virginia, and we should put you in touch with them.



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