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OkWillaim Esau Imam & Ann Elizabeth (Harmon) Iman

Forum: Iman Family Dialog
From: Steve iman
Date: Thursday, April 9, 2009, at 5:20 p.m.
Re: Question Willaim Esau Imam & Ann Elizabeth (Harmon) Iman (Jackie Lamorie)

I can share what information I have, and perhaps you found what's posted in the gedcom files. And of course I'd much appreciate any additions or corrections. The information I have has accumulated from many family members and researchers, and should only be taken as theory. I'm afraid that I have no pictures for you. I do show Anna Elizabeth Harmon but have no information at all on her parentage of background. She married Esau Malcolm Iman in 1886 in Kansas and I show 8 children with information on some of their families. Esau had been the son of William M Iman, a son of Emanuel, and Grandson of the Christian Iman who first settled near Petersburg along South Mill Creek. Most of us out in the Northwest come down from Emanuel's younger brother Christian, who seems to have walked out to Southern Illinois not too long after 1815.

Care and appreciation, Steve Iman


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