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NoneIman neighbors in Upper Paxton Twp. - Kern

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From: steve iman
Date: Sunday, April 19, 2009, at 4:39 p.m.
Re: None Iman neighbors in Upper Paxton Twp. - Kern (Alan Kearns)
I would really appreciate any other details. Thomas Kern/Carn seems to have held adjoining land to Iman/Eiman, who also dabbled in land overe towrd Mifflin at some time, though not in Decatur Township. I've tried to understand that Upper Paxtang neighborhood and would appreciate any details. I agree with you that I don't find traces of Carn/Kern with Imans, though in the generation born in Upper Paxtang there are many loose threads. I'd stumbled onto ties between Kern/Carn and the fascinating old German Ludwig Mansker who died during the revolutionary war, and whose son seems to have traveled far and wide. Perhaps you know of this family from the Mansker Chronicles website where many of the old tales about Clark's Valley are reproduced. Conrad Richter, who was a prominent author in earlier decades did a wonderful job of characterizing the German element as it moved through Ohio and west from Upper Paxtang. In fact some of his novels focus on events in the area. Among his most powerful essays was one descriptive of the area, and it turns out he lived for years in a home which was likely on either Iman or Kern land. In many ways I suspect the area is not much changed, and much of the forest in the neighborhood is currently in a national trust of some sort. I'll be there next month snooping around, and can't wait! ;-)


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