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OkJeremiah Windsor, father of Margaret Windsor Iman

Forum: Iman Family Dialog
From: James Windsor
Date: Wednesday, May 6, 2009, at 10:13 p.m.
Re: None Update Jerimiah Windsor/Margaret & Louiza Short (Jack E. Moore)
I have traced all of Jeremiah Windsor's children, grandchildren, etc. etc. etc.

William Henry Windsor was born on 22 February 1828, in Fairfax, Culpepper Co. Virginia. He fought on the Union side in the Civil War, serving from Indiana. His Civil War pension application states he was born in Fairfax County, Virginia. This note of Fairfax County, Virginia led me on a wild goose chase that lasted many years, that is of trying to connect William Henry and his father Jeremiah Windsor to Fairfax County. The problem was that there was a large Windsor family in Fairfax County who had arrived there in the late 1600's. I could never find any connection between Jeremiah Windsor and these Windsors of Fairfax County Virginia.

In Virginia I also found a long line of Windsors in Frederick and Fauquier Counties Virginia, who had come to Virginia about 1785 from Charles Co. Maryland. These Windsors of course turned out to be our line of Windsors.

Margaret Windsor Iman was born 22 February 1834, in Tippecanoe Co. Indiana. Yes, she and William Henry have the same birth day but were born in different years. You might note that 22 February is also the birthdate of George Washington. Perhaps William Henry and Margaret were both born on this particular day, or perhaps they had been told they had been born around the birth day of George Washington, and so they adopted Washington's birth day as their birth day.

There was at one time a family Bible with all the birthdates of the children of Jeremiah Windsor in it, but it was destroyed when Jeremiah's house burned down, this when the family lived in Missouri, about 1860 or so. John Windsor, a son of Jeremiah by his second wife Louisa, makes mention of the Windsor Bible in his Civil War pension application.


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