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Forum: Iman Family Dialog
From: Don Boice
Date: Tuesday, February 9, 2010, at 11:02 a.m.
Re: Warning Updating to a newer version of a program (Jack E. Moore)
I burn everything that I don't want to lose to a CD. When I download a program, I save it and put it on a CD so I can have it for later in case I delete the wrong thing. A CD Burner is the best backup tool out there. I also have a 16 GB Flash Drive that holds a lot of stuff but my 4 BG holds all of my documents with plenty of room to spare. I don't save a whole lot of stuff. I write articles for the Church sometimes and I like to save them. I also write a few sermons and I save them. I print the sermons plus save them to a CD. All of my Powerpoint Presentations are on a CD. I wrote a large training program for an organization I used to be involved with and I have it on CD. I didn't have access to a projector back then so I sent the Powerpoint Presentation to an outfit in Virginia and they put it on 35mm Slides. The slides were high qulity and from the audience standpoint, it looked just like a Powerpoint Presentaion. Of course the slides do not change as fast as Powerpoint. CD's are dirt cheap and a good burner does not cost that much nowadays. My new HP PC came with a great burning program. It also burns DVD's. The progrm comes with Cyberlink DVD Suit and is called "Power 2 go". It is the easiest CD Burning program I have used.


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