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NoneBack up

Forum: Iman Family Dialog
From: Don Boice
Date: Friday, February 12, 2010, at 5:51 p.m.
Re: None Updating (Don Boice)
Funny thing happened after I wrote the reply to this post. Tuesday night I turned off the Laptop as usual and went to bed. Wednesday morning I turned on the Laptop as usual. It did not come on. The hard drive was gone. Lucky the hard drive was under waranty so I get a free replacement. I also bought an additional hard drive for backup incase the new one goes. The backup drive is a 40 GB. I will have to reinstall everything once I get the new drive but all my doc's and Pics are on a cd so I am not losing anything except the time it takes to restore everything. This will make the 4th drive in the laptop. Three of the small 30 GB's have gone by the wayside and now the 160 GB is history. When you install a new drive, it takes longer to fromat the drive than it takes to install all of your programs. The good part is that on this model you dont have to take the pc apart. Two screws on the end and the drive slides out. Four more screws and it is free of the holder. Reverse the procedure and insert the Operating Progran Disk and in about an hour its business as usual.


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