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NoneFort Rains Rising

Forum: Iman Family Dialog
From: Jack E. Moore
Date: Friday, March 18, 2011, at 1:45 p.m.
recently (around 11 March 2011) A local writer Merna DeBolt wrote an article on our Skamania County ancestors and some very unique artifacts that have been handed down through the family (any errors are on the part of that writer)(some corrections have been made by me as noted, JEM)

The article is as follows:Part 1

There is a television program called, "who Do You Think You Are?" On this show people trace back through the years to find ancestors who have been lost to memory and time. A local family has kept track of the names and stories of their forbeares and recently, Jeff Moore, shared some of his family's history with the Columbia Gorge Interpretive center Museum. He brought photographs and artifacts that have been carefully preserved and reminded us March 26 will mark the 155th anniversary of the Fort Rains rising. His relics of the battle are a cannon ball and the broken barel of a mussleloading double-barrel shotgun The story begins with his great-great grandmother, Margaret Iman (Nee Windsor) at the age of 14, Margaret left her home in Missouri and joined up with a group of immigrants bound for the Oregon Trail. It was a long and tiresome journey of six months or more. That last 500 miles, she rode or walked alongside the wagons, carrying a baby whose parents had died of Cholera (I believe this is the one our family later identified as Silly/Sully Williams, JEM). Margaret loved children. She Kept this little boy and raised him as her own. She later married Felix Iman


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