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Forum: Iman Family Dialog
From: Kelly Iman Butler
Date: Thursday, June 9, 2011, at 9:00 a.m.
My cousin, Steven Smith, contacted me this morning about updating the family tree and told me to check the site out. I noticed some things that were incorrect and some missing info. I have constructed our branch of the family tree(from Abraham Walter Iman) with accurate and complete info if you are interested. I will e-mail it once I get all the dates entered.


OkGreat to get Error Corrections and family Info! by steve iman, 6/09/2011
NoneIman Tree from Abraham Waletr Iman by Don Boice, 6/11/2011
FeedbackAbraham by Steven C. Smith Jr, 6/12/2011
NoneUncle Pete by Don Boice, 6/14/2011
FeedbackUncle Pete by Steven Smith Jr, 6/14/2011
Noneyour Uncle Pete by Kelly Iman Butler, 6/20/2011
OkCousin Goldie by Don Boice, 6/24/2011
None"Cousin Don" by Goldie Iman Norr, 7/16/2011
AgreeCousins Don & Goldie by Don Boice, 7/17/2011
NoneDon by Goldie Iman Norr, 7/17/2011
NoneGoldie by Don Boice, 7/18/2011
NoneMy Dad Pete by Goldie Iman Norr, 7/16/2011
NoneIman Tree from Abraham Waletr Iman by Linda Koontz, 7/29/2011

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