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From: Steve Iman
Date: Tuesday, August 9, 2011, at 5:37 p.m.
Re: None James McNamara (Maureen McNamara-Stevens)
McNamara apparently was married in 1787 it seems, by John Elder. As noted on the website, he was a shoemaker in Harrisburg and by 1800 may have appeared in Cumberland and then migrated to Crawford County by 1804

Here's an old email from a McNamara genealogist:
I am always interested in information about James McNamara.  Mimi Reed, State College, PA Name:    James McNAMARA1

Birth:    16 Jun 1746    County Down Ireland2,3 Death:    14 Oct 1841    Meadville, Crawford Co. PA4 Burial:        Greendale Cemetery Meadville PA Father:    Robert McNAMARA
Marriage:    7 May 1776    Cumberland County PA5

Spouse:    Margaret WHITE

Birth:    ca 1756
Death:    26 Nov 1840    Meadville, Crawford Co. PA6 Burial:        Greendale Cemetery Meadville PA


1 M:    Robert McNAMARA7
Birth:    17 Jan 1781    PA8
Death:    26 May 1854    Newry Blair Co. PA Spouse:    Jane HOLLIN(G)SHEAD

2 M:    James McNAMARA9
Birth:    1787    Harrisburg, Dauphin Co. PA Death:    31 Jul 1832    Frankstown, Huntingdon(Now Blair) Co. PA Spouse:    Martha (PATTON) McNAMARA

3 M:    Samuel McNAMARA7,10
Spouse:    Rebecca SIMISON

4 M:    William McNAMARA7

5 F:    Margaret McNAMARA7

6 M:    John McNAMARA7

7 M:    Josiah McNAMARA7
Death:    31 Mar 1851    Crawford County PA11

8 F:    Elizabeth McNAMARA7
Death:    18 Sep 1848    Crawford Co. PA12 Spouse:    Daniel SHRYOCK

Notes for James McNAMARA
James McNamara served as a Private in Captain James Cowdens Company of Col. James Burds Battalion of the Lancaster Militia. (PA Archives 2nd Series Vol. XIII page 307-308)

James McNamara appears on the 1780 Taxable lists for  Upper Paxtang Township, Lancaster County PA.(A New Index to Lancaster PA County tax Records Vo. 2 p. 50) He also appears on the 1787 returns for Louisburgh, Dauphin County PA taxed as a shoemaker. This was the first return for Dauphin after it was created from Lancaster County in 1787. Louisburgh was the early name for Harrisburg. (William Henry Egle History of the Counties of Dauphin and Lebanon, Everts and Peck. Philadelphia PA 1883 p. 297.

McNamara also shows in the return for the borough of Harrisburg in 1791.  (ibid. p. 300) He also appears on the 1790 Federal Population census for Harrisburgh Town, Dauphin County in 1790 1-6-3( 1790 Pennsylvania Census American Genealogical Lending Library, Bountiful, Utah  1993 p. 86

Laws of the General Assembly
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Public Law 30 page 78
For the relief of George Serene and other  soldiers and widows of soldiers in the Revolutionary and Indian Wars. Section 1 - Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the commonwealth of Pa in General Assembly met and it is hereby enacted by the authority of the same that the state Treasurer by and is hereby authorized and required to pay George Serene of Armstrong county, James McNamara of Crawford county, Ludwig Cupp and John Vinegarden of Allegheny county, Robert Campbell of Washinton county, Daniel McCaskey of Beaver county, Samuel Robb of Westmoreland county, El  Williams of Mifflin county, John Lincoln of Fayette county, Jacob Erb of Montgomery county, Robert Boggs of Franklin county, Samuel Howard of Mercer county, George Power of Venango county, Peter Frey of Chester county and John Welsh of Butler county  soldiers of the Revolutionary and Indian wars or to their orders $40.00 each immediately as a gratuity and an annuity of $40 each during life to be paid half yearly commencing on 1st January 1838.

Approved 15 Day of March 1838
Transcribed by Mimi Reed
Original in the State Archives of Pennsylvania

Mr. McNamara was also awarded 200 acres of donation lands in Crawford county in 1804 which prompted him to take all but his sons Robert and James and settle there.


1. Petition of the Heirs of John McNamara decd. Orphans Court Docket C File P. p. 268 November Term 1827 14 Nov. 1827 Clerk of the Orphans Court Huntingdon Co. PA   2. John Dorland Cremer Records of the Dorland family in America Byron S. Adams, Washington D.C. 1898  p.261 Cremer states that Robert McNamara Jr. was the son of Robert McNamara Sr. farmer of Ballylone, County Down, Ireland whose other children were John, James, Samuel, William, Hugh, Jane and Elizabeth. He further states that John, a bachelor, came first and settled at Huntindgon PA as a merchant, before the year 1800. He was followed in 1801 by Robert Jr. and was followed by James and Hugh. This is an error...both John and Robert their naturalization peitions granted to them in 1808 in Huntingdon PA state they came to the United States in 1798. James, of course was is Paxtang Twp in 1776. He married Margaret White. on 7 May of that year in Pennsylvania. A daughter of Robert and Jane McNamara married John Dorland of Huntingdon, PA. 3. date of birth is undocumented.
4. undocumented. McNamara died between 29 Dec 1840 when his will was written and  29th of Oct 1841when it was proved. LW&T of James McNamara(no reference..this was sent from the Crawford County Historical Society. Original is assumed to be in the Reg. of Wills Crawford County PA) 5. From a Collection of Cumberland County Marriages by J. Zamer, Journal of the Genealogical Society of PA . Vol X p. 50 They were married by Reverend John Elder of the Paxtang Presbyterian Church. 6. McFarland, K.T.H. Hollidaysburg Records Mariages, Deaths and Partitions from Weekly Newspapers of Hollidaysburg. Huntingdon and Blair  Counties PA 1836-1852 Closson Press, Apollo, PA p. 16 died Mrs. Margaret consort of Captain James d. 26 Nov. 1840 at Meadville, Crawford County aged 84(From the Huntingdon Register and Inquirer 9 Dec. 1840 7. LW & T James McNamara Register of Wills Crawford County PA 8. Age compiled from tombstone in Presbyterian Cemetery, Hollidaysburg, Blair Co. PA 9. LW &T of James McNamara of Frankstown Huntingdon Co. PA Willbook 3 p. 380 Register of Wills Huntingdon County PA. written 14 July 1832 proved 27 July 1832 Appoints his brother Robert McNamara and Robert Irvine as his executors. OC Docket F p. 109 # 64 10 April, 1844. Final account filed on the estate of James McNmara by Robert McNamara and Robert Irvine. This proves that Robert McNamara of Newry was the brother of James and not Robert of Huntingdon (d. 1837) and also proves that James McNamara, unnamed in James (Meadville)McNamaras will is his son. 10. Mics. Notes on Fostor Cemetery, Spring Township. Crawford County PA as cited by the Crawford County Historical Society on 3 May 1997 Rebecca Simison one of 10 children of John and Catherine Elder Simison married Samuel McNamara. Her parents born in Ireland migrated to Cumberland Co.. PA  Undocumented material. 11. Crawford Democrat issue of 15 April, 1851 12. Crawford Democrat issue of 26  Sept. 1848

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