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OkAre you folks related to me?

Forum: Iman Family Dialog
From: steve iman
Date: Wednesday, February 1, 2012, at 10:32 a.m.
Re: None Are you folks related to me? (Robert "Bob" Iman)
Welcome, Robert! I bet that we are related as distant cousins, but there's no quick proof, and I'm not quite sure how it'd have happened. I don't have relevant information or links that turn up possible connections given the details we have. Have you checked Shirley's death certificate for any possible clues as to alternative name spellings, counties, or dates? Can we find any marriage records or addresses which might point to deeds or other sources of information -- with cities, towns, or countries? I guess we're looking for Imans in Pittsburgh or Allegheny near the 1940s or 1950s? I don't find any in census records, so am at a bit of a loss unless they were across some county line into Butler (where we had some Imans) or in another direction.

I do know of an Eston Ray Iman who was born in West Virginia and married Helen Whip about 1945. He served in the Army and earned many awards of distinction, moving to Pittsburg following service. They had a son by the name of Lyle Joe. In about 1830, a Jacob Eyman and his with Barbara Jones headed out of Virginia toward Westmoreland and settled for a while around Pittsburg before moving into Ohio, but I don't see ties down the line to the time period you're looking for. Jacob and Barbara had children who stayed in the area though, including a John Iman who married Mary Ann Steel, daughter of one of the founders of Pittsburg. John and Mary Ann had a Jacob around 1807 who married Ann Madison and a brood of kids around McKeesport of Allegheny County. We're not sure of all of the names of children of this couple born around 1835, but they included a Jacob Washington, and it's though a John, Joseph, Henindyer, Adeline, and Louisa. Jacob Washington and his wife Rebecca Richie moved toward Kansas, but some of their children seem to have stayed in the area, including a Gregg Madison and a Harvey William Eyman. There were some in this line who used either Eiman or Iman, including a "Doc" Joseph Eyman who was a distinguished physician in Kansas,and about whom some truly fanciful histories were published around 1920.

In 1910 there was a Leland Iman in Butler of PA, with a brother Clifton. They seem to have been the sons of an Arthur Iman (son of a Charles Iman) and married a Margaret or Tillie. In 1930 they had a son Robert L. and daughter Joan. These Imans might tie back to the ones who migrated to the US early on, though after 1830 and 1850, we saw other parts of the family arriving from Germany and Switzerland.

The only Joseph Sabolski that I can find was a 43 year old boarder in Cleveland Ohio in 1920 who was thought to have been born in West Virginia, though in 1915 there had also been one in New York census, and a Joseph Sabel died in 1976 in Hazleton of Luzerne County of PA.

So I don't think I have anything real clearly for us to work on, though if we dig in the right places I bet we'll find some things. Feel free to write me directly at with any more details that come to mind if you want this old cousin to pitch in and help do some digging.


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