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OkRobert descends from Jacob Eiman

Forum: Iman Family Dialog
From: steve iman
Date: Monday, February 6, 2012, at 1:29 p.m.
Re: Ok Are you folks related to me? (steve iman)

Robert: I'm pretty sure that I've pieced it all together, and you sure are an Iman in good standing! The first ancestor on our continent I believe was Jacob Eiman, who arrived in 1748 and wandered around the reached of Lancaster County, settling as a "farmer and distiller" at "May Apple Bottom" out Clark's Creek from the Susquehanna, which was part of what was called Paxtang of the day.

We can't know his relationship for sure to a second Jacob Eyman, though both were listed, along with a Christian Iman in local militia troops that were involved in the revolutionary war. Jacob and Christian are presumed to have been brothers, and sons of the first Jacob mentioned, though in the Pennsylvania archives which documents their service (including lost powder horns;-), there's no note of Jacob Jr. vs. Jacob Sr. It's conceivable, as some believe that the second Jacob arrived later as a cousin from Germany, where a generation or so of Eymans out of Switzerland had served as farm managers up and down the Rhine.

Jacob Jr. (I'll call him that for lack of something better) married a Barbara Jones at the First Reformed Church in Lancaster. We don't know much about her background, though I suspect that Jonestown near Hershey was named after her father. Jacob and Barbara remained active in real estate, and even toward 1790 when they had moved to the Potomac Highlands, they seemed to have walked back and forth. For instance they bought a house on a double town lot in Hummelstown from a famous old French fur trader and soon sold it to David Eckstein, who had served among George Washington's German bodyguard during the revolutionary war, and later married the daughter of the founder of Hummelstown (near Hershey) (after reportedly having been called into court for bastardy). Jacob Jr. and Barbara arrived in Hardy County of Virginia near 1790, and by 1803 had applied for a tavern permit back in Westmoreland of PA. They moved with their children out of Hardy shortly after the turn of the century and bought an existing spread, leaving some children in the area while they migrated on to Ohio. Jacob's signature appears on estate and land deeds of associates "affirm" vs "swear", suggesting anabaptist culture as a possible Dunkard or Mennonite. At least several of their children, however seem to have married Lutheran.

One of the sons of Jacob and Barbara who stayed in the Westmoreland area (John Iman) was a founder of McKee's Rocks, and married Mary Ann Steel, a daughter of David Steel, a Captain at Fort Pitt , David was a major Army Engineer of the day and surveyor of much of Ohio, often counted as a founder in Pittsburgh history. His epitaph read "This world's a farce, And all things show it; I once thought so, but now I know it" . We know little about the family of John and Mary Ann, though they had a son Jacob in 1807 who married an Ann Madison from Carlisle of Cumberland, PA and had Joseph W. who married Martha Ellen McIntyre. Estimates of Joseph's birth date vary from 1842 to 1846. Some say that he was born in Indiana, but that was most likely Indiana County of PA, adjoining Pittsburgh. Joseph and Mary Ellen had a number of children, including Charles B, Joseph, Minerva, and George Cleveland Iman. While these Imans originated in Pennsylvania, they seem to have resided for a while somewhere in West Virginia, and then settled for a while in Perry county of Ohio, before returning to the Butler of PA area.

George is your ancestor. He was 16 years old in the 1900 census and living at Donegal of Butler County. By the 1910 census, George and his wife Olive E. were living in Jackson of Perry, Ohio. He was 26, she 25, and they had Ardell N. who had been born four years before (1906) while the family had resided in West Virginia, and a sister Lillian who had been born in West Virginia as well. George registered for service during WWI and was described with brown hair and brown eyes, medium build and height. By the 1920 census, also for Jackson of Perry County of Ohio, there was "Nobel A" at 14, Bessie, and a young George. In some records I've scanned there are both Ardell and Nobel noted, though I think these may be in error?

The 1930 census for Millerstown of Buter PA show an Ardell Iman at 24, married to Irene at 19. Also in the house was a Bessie Montgomery (likely a sister or mother of Irene) and a Bessie Iman (likely Ardell's sister). There was also a George Rob Iman at the age of 12. Again, it was said that Ardell had been born in West Virginia.

Ardell Iman often appeared in Butler telephone directories -- 1930, 1936 1940, 1942. 1944. For 1938 there were a number of Imans, with Ardell a fnshr at FMT Co, and both a Joseph and Elmer as furnicemen at the same FMT Company. Beatrice Iman in this listing for the place was a telephone operator at People's Tel Corp.
In 1949 there was an Ardell N. Iman in the city directory for Pittsburgh at 314 Atlantic Avenue North.

1946: George C Iman aged 63 of Chicora died at the Butler County Memorial Hospital at 4:20 o'clock Saturday afternoon. He leaves his wife Mrs Olive Montgomery Iman two sons Ardell N of Pittsburgh and Major Robert G Iman with the Army in Germany a daughter Mrs Lillian DeLong of Pittsburgh two brothers Charles B and Joseph Iman of Chicora RD a sister Mrs William Slater of Lewisville WVa and 11 grandchildren. He was a member of the Methodist Church

1955: Ardell N Iman aged 45 of Pittsburgh formerly of Chicora died at 10:45 o'clock Frieday night in the Shadyside hospital Pittsburgh. Mr Iman moved to Pittsburgh ten years ago from Chicora where he had spent most of his life. Surviving are his widow Mrs Irene Iman six sons George Iman of Camp Atterburgh Ind James, Jackie, Stanley, Robert and Joseph Iman at home two daughters Mrs Vicent Cainevale of Trenton NJ and Margaret Iman at home His mother Mrs Olive Iman of Pittsburgh a brother Major Robert Iman of El Paso Texas and a sister Mrs Joseph Delong of Pittsburgh.


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