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NoneElizabeth Iman md James George 1844 Pendleton,Va

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From: steve iman
Date: Monday, May 28, 2012, at 12:03 p.m.
Re: Question Elizabeth Iman md James George 1844 Pendleton,Va (Elaine)
Unfortunately, Elizabeth was a very common name among Imans and Eymans (the names sometimes were used interchangeably down most lines) out of Hardy County of Virginia. Unfortunately I can't locate an Elizabeth Iman born near 1822 and have no record of a George

I see in the database a George Benton George born about 1880 in Indiana? died 1931 in Indiana. This is impossibly of by decades. He was a coal miner. 1920 census at age 40 head of household as laborer in cole mines of Knox County, Washington Township. 1930 age 51 head of household occupation farmer of Knox County, Vincennes Township of Indiana. Though married a Bessie Iman born about 1880. Marriage in 1897 in Martin County of Indiana. George may also have married a Mary P Carmichael of IN at some time.

I had an Elizabeth Iman thought born 1816 in WV daughter of Emanuel Iman and Barbara Sites. She's thought to have married Hinkle. The family resided along the border between Hardy and Pendleton, and so the location feels appropriate. I have no substantial information on the Hinkle marriage, though this was a family central to the German and Swiss communities. Given this birthdate, and unknown marriage date, a second marriage is always a possibility.

William, as you know, was a son of Emanuel. He didn't marry Lucinda Malcolm until about 1847, and was himself not born until 1821, so not a likely father of your Elizabeth.

Living also in the same area was a Jacob Iman who had married Frony Rohrbach. We know of five children of this couple born 1816-1859 likely all in Pendleton. We have no known Elilzabeth of this line. This genealogy is very vague. There seems a period when both brothers and their families went to Kanawa and subsequently returned to the South Branch. No known Elizabeth of this couple though the location may be appropriate.

There was an Elizabeth Eyman, born about 1825 of a Jacob Eyman, who had married Elizabeth Simmons (and a Hanna). This Jacob Eyman, however, had migrated with his parents, Jacob Eiman and Barbara Jones near 1805 to Westmoreland and on into Ohio by Elizabeth's birth, and from there to Noble County of Indiana.

Another Elizabeth Iman born about 1830 of Henry Iman and Catherine Elizabeth Sites was likely born either in Hardy County and taken as infant to Southern Illinois, or born in Monroe County of Illinois. She is said to have married an Alonzo Uhls.

Wish I could be more helpful. I'll send you separately an email address for a member of this part of the family who might have better information, and in particular on the relationship to those to whom the large land allotment was distributed.


NoneElizabeth Iman md James George 1844 Pendleton,Va by Elaine, 5/28/2012

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