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OkTracking Mary Ann

Forum: Iman Family Dialog
From: steve iman
Date: Thursday, June 21, 2012, at 1:48 p.m.
Re: None Mary Ann Iman/Hardy Co (victoriansweetie)
Fascinating, and much of this is new to me, though it aligns in part with old notes. Jacob and his brother Emmanuel seem to have moved back and forth from what became Grant County toward Petersburg and Pendleton. There are periods of no record, suggesting that this Jacob may also have headed to Kanawa, to which cousins headed, and from which at least some returned. Iman genealogy is quite sketchy in it's accounts, and if I recall correctly, Frony Rohrbach doesn't appear in some genealogies of her family, though she is acknowledged and thought perhaps disowned by her family. I have no information on birth or death dates for her. Some notes:

In the 1850 Hardy County census there was a farmer Jacob at 59 years with a "Mary Ann" at 58 with Daniel at 13, John at 11. Also noted in the household was a Joseph Layton at 25, noted as "laborer" -- and also a Phebe and Bagriel (likely Gabriel?) Walcot who were 18 years and one month respectively. There is a large gap in age here between Joseph and Mary Ann if she's a Layton, and so it's interesting to speculate on their possible relationship.

These Imans seem to appear again in 1860 as Jacob and "Mary A" with Daniel, 24, Rebecca, 21, John, 21, then Benson 1. A second and confusing record from the same census seems to provide slightly different ages for Jacob and Mary, but include Daniel, Rebecca, John, and a William B (vs. "Benson"). The Rebecca here it seems, must have been Rebecca Ann Crites and the wife of Daniel. Likely some of the children are of Daniel rather than Jacob Sr. It's been estimated that they were born before 1863.

A web posting on families passing through Ohio on their way to Indiana noted 1870 federal Census findings for this family in Osborn, Bath Township of Greene County, Ohio.
Jacob Sr. was 76, Mary A 66, Daniel 32, Anna R. (likely Rebecca) 30, Wm B. 11, Mary J, 9, Eliza F. 8, Jacob M. 4, Amanda E 2. It was indicated that Mary A. and Daniel could not write. William B and the younger children were attending school. Jacob M, at 4, and his sister Amanda E. had been born in Ohio. At there is one notation of a death in 1880 in Fayette of Ohio for Jacob Iman though I'd be quite skeptical since this is likely Jacob, the son of Peter Eyman and Hannah Whetstone.

1880 showed an Iman family which seemed to be headed by Daniel, with Mary Ann at 88. Jacob Iman and son Jacob M, at 76 and 4 in prior census did not appear here. At this point the family seems to have been in Ross of Greene, Ohio. Between this date and 190, Daniel and the remaining Imans seem to have headed for Van Buren, Grant, Indiana. Daniel died 1919 in Van Buren Township of Grant, Indiana. It's not known when they migrated.

I see at there is at least one other last name attributed to Mary Ann. I'd be interested in trying to locate the Layton father in Pendleton, Hardy, or Kanawa. Do you have any information for sensing these connections?

Can you point me more specifically to the Sephonia Iman death record since I can't locate it at WV Archive?

Care and appreciation, Steve Iman


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