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OkMary Ann?

Forum: Iman Family Dialog
From: steve iman
Date: Tuesday, June 26, 2012, at 11:26 a.m.
Re: None Jacob and Mary Ann ? Iman Hardy County (victoriansweetie)
A good friend with considerable knowledge of our family lines has been checking her resources and thinking. A genealogy of the Rohrbach family history notes Veronica as a daughter of Johann Heinrich Rhorbach, born about 1789 and married Jacob Iman. It notes that Veronica is not named in her father's will submitted to probate in February 1823. This suggests a possibility of her dying before her father. The will in the family history does not note any children that she might have had as they sometimes do. In the 1840 census for Hardy, it's noted that Jacob had an unnamed wife of 40-50 -- Veronica would have been in the 50-60 category. This seems to be a Mary Ann though this doesn't provide evidence that she was a Layton. There were Layton connections however, and the Joseph who was listed as laborer in the 1850 census for the family could possibly be Mary Ann's son from another marriage -- or a nephew. The Phebe Wolford who was also in the household might be a widowed daughter of Jacob's, or if Mary Ann had been married before, Mary Ann's daughter. Any further pointing to specific marriage certificates would be helpful, as might be to explore 1850 census if it's available in a form where adjoining entries suggest common location. The census available for 1850 for Hardy available at is, unfortunately, in alphabetical order.

Some remaining questions:
* Do we have any guess as to the maiden name of Mary Ann? I understand there may be a marriage record and would be interested in details -- where, names, dates, etc.

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