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Forum: Iman Family Dialog
From: Beth Iman
Date: Saturday, November 30, 2013, at 11:38 a.m.
Re: Question Willaim Esau Imam & Ann Elizabeth (Harmon) Iman (Jackie Lamorie)
Harold Leland Iman is her grandson. He is 88 years old and lives in Chesapeake, VA. He is a WWII veteran, and can be reached at 757-235-4496. He has 3 boys, Nathan Shelby, Darryl Wayne, and Shawn Cornelius. I, Beth Iman, am married to his oldest, Nathan. We have one daughter, Sheila Marie Iman, 25, who is his only granddaughter. She lives in Guadalajara, Mexico. Nathan & I and Darryl (single), live in Chesapeake, VA, and Shawn & his wife, Diana, live nearby in Va. Beach, VA.

I, Beth, found your aunt's picture in the attic yesterday while getting down Christmas tree ornaments, and asked Harold about her today. The picture is of Elizabeth at 3 yard old, around 1867. He said she lived to be 93, and married Esau Jacob Iman. She had 9 kids - Boys: Floyd, Elvira's husband, no children (She died 2 years ago apx at 97 years old, apx ( you can find her obituary on the internet);

Malcolm (married Grace and had 2 boys, he remembers, one was Jack);

Royal Esau, Harold's dad, married Edith Feese, and had 4 children: Virginia Lee, and Harold Leland Iman (twins), Marjorie Ann, who went to Baptist Bible College in Springfield MO, married Stan Brown, a preacher she met at a California Baptist College, served in San Bernadino in a Baptist Church, and had 3 children, 1st one born with part of his spine missing, Phillip, who lived 1-2 years;
 Her 2nd child was Susan, who married Leonard McChristian and had one son, Joshua, who live in Weaverville, CA.
The third son is Danny Brown, who lives in or near Redding, CA, who had 2 girls, Crystal Brown Willis, who now has 2 children, and lives in Salem, Oregan, and Amber Cannon. Marjorie & Stan Brown adopted a boy, who Sue keeps up with.
Virginia's fourth child was Donald Ray, who married Arleen Allsup, and had 3 boys, Darren, Marc & Jeff, who has 2 boy twins and a girl, and lives in Seattle, Washington.

Ernest (Ernie), married Edith Feese's sister, Pearl Feese,lived in Richmond, CA, and moved to Oregan. They had Betty Jean, Thelma, and Dale. Betty Jean married Bernerd Harless, and had 1 child, Stephen. They lived in Petaluma, CA. Betty Jean died at childbirth at about 25 years. She had colitis. Her younger cousin, Jean, died at 14 with colitis.
Thelma worked on a dairy farm with her husband in Petaluma CA. He had been hired help; they gave him a place to live and they fell in love. They had a daughter who looked just like her. Thelma & Betty Jean were double 1st cousins. (more later)

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