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QuestionHi ?? My Heritage Search ??

Forum: Iman Family Dialog
From: John C Postlethwaite
Date: Monday, September 5, 2016, at 12:39 a.m.
Hi ?? Im sorry to impose like this, i see this is a family forum,I also see that our two families may have crossed paths, way back when?? My question is to who ever that can tell me about the Postlethwait Tavern ?? When i was a little boy,my dad did a whole geneoligy search on the postlethwait tree, now hes passed,and im old now, and all those records are gone, i have kin also in penn, west va, and kentucky, See ?? i was doing a search on the internet tonight, and your sight popped up, and cold chills ran down my spine !!!!, this is the same picture that my dad showed me when i was around thirteen years old, im now 58 years old, different time,and a different place,See my name is also john Postlethwait, and apparently according to my dad, also a direct decedent of john postlethwait, the owner of the original postlethwait Tavern, Apparently Your familly had relatives in Huntingdon Pa, This is where my mom was from, there names were the weaverlings, my dads family, was from Lancaster Pa, So ?? somehow the two families ran parallel courses, settling in the same places !! Also i live here in lucerne valley ca, and my best friend, that i have known for about the last 25 years his name is also Bill & Shirly Iman, Small World ?? Yes ??, He is now in his late 80s , and shirly has passed, Bill was in WW11, and was decorated as a War Hero, at the battle of Midway, And Imo Jimo , !!Bill talked a little about the war,and i always listened to his every word, i was always fascinated by his stories, Bill to this day, frequents the VFW , in Victorville Ca,and even at his age, hes still very Feisty,So this a small world after all, i also thought i would help you find one of your own, i will try to get bills phone number for you, i haven't talked to him in a couple of years, but last time i saw him he was in victorville ca, Anyway ?? i have rambled long enough, my name is John Charles Postlethwaite, and my Email Address is, my Phone is 760 628 4910, I see one of your relatives lives right here in Dana Point Ca, Thats Also Funny ?? That was my home for a little While ?? Anyway, im sorry to interrupt, But i hope my letter may help in some way?? thank you sincerely John.


OkHi ?? My Heritage Search ?? by steve iman, 9/05/2016

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