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OkHi ?? My Heritage Search ??

Forum: Iman Family Dialog
From: steve iman
Date: Monday, September 5, 2016, at 10:29 a.m.
Re: Question Hi ?? My Heritage Search ?? (John C Postlethwaite)
Dear John:

Donít feel sorry to impose. Pleased to meet you. I donít think our families intermarried or anything, though they lived around one another, or at least around the tavern and where John Postlethwaite had been. The tavern was there and the venue for British courts before any other local colonial government was in the area. Even later when Lancaster was being set up as a county, the tavern and the area were considered for capital of the new county, though a new town named after the county got the bid. The area was at one time something of a village or small town, though thatís only known from footings of buildings found when dug around. Postlethwaite had been a trader ó likely with the Indians, and I believe there was a small village directly across the creek from him. He had been designated by local powers to help defend from Scots-Irish squatters who liked to hunker down in the area.. so heíd run them off. At one point, John held five tracts or so of land, though he sold them off to Andrew Fels who seems to have brought onto the land a pretty good number of renters, and treated them so badly that they went to court for relief. I donít have the details here, but it seems perhaps to have been the case that Postlethwaite had been distressed by the bad treatment of tenants and had taken the action. The Iman/Eyman ancestor Ulrich didnít move onto the land until about 1763 and lived only briefly, and was buried behind a house which came to be owned by Warfel next door from the tavern. That was late, and property had been changing hands. The house next to the tavern had been owned it seems by a Christian Herr, the ďsawmillerĒ and a grandson of Hans Herr, the first Mennonite Bishop to the colonies. Separately, Iíll send some historical studies with more on the tavern itself.

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