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NoneEvan Bevans

Forum: Iman Family Dialog
From: James Windsor
Date: Sunday, April 8, 2018, at 3:17 a.m.
Re: None Raymond bevans account (Jack E. Moore)
Hello. Read your history by Raymond Bevans. I have seen this on the Columbia River Interpretative Center at Stevenson website. The one on the website there has been edited, and so there was some information in your version I had not seen.

The tombstone of William Frost Bevans, buried in the old Bevans Cemetery at Stevenson, Washington, records on the stone the Bevans family as "Member Evan Bevans Family, Rev. War Veteran, Buried in Bevans N. J."

One thing I wish to write is that the Bevans descent from Evan Bevan has been disproved. The Bevans of Skamania Co. are not descendants of Evan Bevans, the Revolutionary War soldier from New Jersey.

Research has shown that Evan Bevans (1762-1849), who lived in Sussex Co. New Jersey, and served in the Revolutionary War, was not related to the family of William Frost Bevans. The sons of Evan Bevans either died young or remained in New Jersey.

The ancestor of William Frost Bevans was John Brown Bevans (1757-c1835) who was born in Wales ENGLAND. He came from Wales to America in 1785 with his brothers, Robert and Silas Bevans. They settled first at Maryland but later moved to Fayette Co. Pennsylvania. John Brown Bevans descendants are the ancestors of William Frost Bevans. Over several generations the direct ancestors of William Frost Bevans, the descendants of John Brown Bevans, went west across AMERICA to Highland Co. Ohio, then to Peoria Co. Illinois, from there to Des Moines Co. Iowa, then Barber Co. Kansas and afterward to Skamania Co. Washington.

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